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4 days in Gdansk – Planning and Arrival

Its that very special time in the year when Wendy and I are able to have a few nights away without the kids – to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary.  Its not that we don’t love going away with the kids, far from it.  During last years trip to Belgium we spent most of the time talking about what we would be doing with Marcus and which food Charlotte would be drooling over.

But every parent knows, no matter how many allowances you make, there are some things that can only be done properly without kids – for us on this trip, it was not having to get up through the night to change nappies, carry prams up and down stairs, and look over your shoulder every few steps to make sure that they are OK.

This years trip took us to Gdansk, Northern Poland.  We have visited Poland twice before – to Krakow and Zakopane – both outstanding destinations.  This time it was about getting to grips with a new city, new history and taking some time to rest.

I had seen some cheap flights earlier in the year – flying direct from Newcastle on a Monday evening and coming back on Friday evening.  We are very fortunate to have parents who are happy to look after the kids for 4 nights and even more fortunate to have kids who love every minute of their time with them.  A quick phone call to my Mum sorted it all and cleared the path for booking the trip.  A good old trawl of Airbnb, and saw to our accommodation.  We settled on an apartment with Wendy’s only stipulation – a comfy looking sofa!

When we travel as a couple, for some reason the holiday is much less planned out.  I guess there is less to worry about.  That said, I had still read lots and lots and had a clear idea of the key things I wanted to get out of the trip.

Before we knew it, day 0 was upon us.  Kids all settled and happy, off we went to the airport.  RyanAir to Gdansk, pre-booked taxi to the accommodation.  All good, no worries.  In fact, everything went much smoother than I was expecting.

Very happy with the accommodation.  A quick trip to the local corner shop for vodka and bread and an early night 🙂

Our home for the next few nights


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