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4 Days in Gdansk – Day 4 and home

The last day of a holiday sees us rushing around and waiting around.

Of course you’ve got to be out of your accommodation by a certain time and then you need to be at the airport in good time, but what do you do with that slot in between?  Often, its too short to do something major, but too long to just sit and have a coffee.

We had about 4 hours.  We decided to have one last walk around the city, revisit the sights but this time under a blue sky.  I had wanted to visit the Town Hall earlier in the week so that was an ideal place to fill in an hour or so.

Town Hall on the right

Wowzers.  What a place.  Over the years Gdansk had seen lots of money and power.  You could tell in this Hall.  Parts were destroyed in the war, but some elements remain.  Again, it was refurbished based on pictures and memories.

One room had possibly the most impressive ceiling I had ever seen.  It was covered in paintings and sculptures, some probably half a meter long.  What really stood out was the quality of the pictures and the fine details they included.

The ceiling

Like many buildings here, the plain red bricks hid a ton of beautiful features inside.

One last ditch effort at getting gifts – proved unsuccessful.  And then a walk around the marina, a quick stop for coffee (and one last cake) and then the taxi to the airport.


Before we knew it, Marcus was running up to us in the arrivals area of Newcastle airport, we were chauffeured back to Mam and Dads.  Our favourite take away downed and back home proper.  Charlotte was out doing something fun with friends and when returned gave the typical ‘tween-ager’ apathetic greeting.

Back to normal routine.  But with another experience in our memories.  Not as outstanding as some other places we have visited, but it was unique, refreshing and good fun – everything a holiday should be.

14th – 18th November 2016



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