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4 Days in Gdansk – Day 3

Our last full day.  What to do, what to do….

Although we had a few hours tomorrow before the flight, we didn’t want to risk leaving anything big till then.  Options on the table – Westerplatte, a defence post during WW2 – accessed by boat, more museums and sightseeing or a castle I had read about – Malbork.

We decided on Malbork. It was a train journey away, about 50 miles I think.  Again, the regional train was really cheap – this time about £6 return for both of us.

The journey was uneventful, although we did see some deer, a stork and an owl on the way.  This section of Polish countryside seems very flat.

We caught sight of the castle from the train.  Its the biggest castle in the world.  And made of bricks.  Not the kind of bricks that form the Pyramids, or the sort of of stone bricks that make up the castles of Northumberland.  But red bricks, like a terraced street is made of.

We had never seen anything like it.  We got an audio tour that tracked our movements via GPS and tailored the tour to the rooms that you walked into.  Very clever.

The place was built by the Teutonic knights.  Think of a cross between Monty Pythons Holy Grail and Indiana Jones Last Crusade.  Moats, drawbridges, secret chambers, murder holes, armouries, cannon balls – everything you want in a castle.

Just 1 of 3 sections to the castle


The tour was a solid 3 hours.  Very interesting and covered only part of the castle.  It was enormous.  It is another example of a building destroyed through wars and rebuilt over time.  The interiors have been restored to a very high standard – the ceilings were fantastic.

We headed back to the train looking forward to a sit down and travelled back to Gdansk Glowny train station.

We stopped off at some shops to get gifts and then visited the Amber museum.  They have a small piece of amber that contains a perfectly preserved lizard.  Did you know that most Amber is found just washed up on the beach?

The lizard
Amber art

Since our meal last night was so good, we though we would be extravagant and go for another one tonight.  Given that we could never afford to eat this good in England, why not?

We looked on Tripadvisor and picked the top rated fine dining place called – Prologue.  It was on the river front.  We got there not long after it had opened.  Fortunately that had two tables left.  We sat right in the middle of the room – prime location.  

Wendy is better at describing these things than me.  Suffice to say it was the best meal that I have ever had.  Ask her about it – the face says it all…




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