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4 Days in Gdansk – Day 2

Having a bit of a panic yesterday worrying if we had made a mistake in coming to Gdansk as there didn’t seem to be much going on, we were a lot happier come evening time.  Even still, I wanted to make sure we were getting the most out of our trip so booked us onto a free walking tour starting at 10:30.

We met the guide, a local Polish lady with very good English.  There were about 15 others on the tour with us, from all parts of the globe.  The guide took us to all of the places we had visited the day before, but breathed life into them.  Then she took us to the Crane, which was operated purely by muscle – with men actually climbing into what looked like giant hamster wheels to work a pulley system which lifted goods off docked ships.  Slavery?

The tour ended at the Gdansk Post Office.  A site I had read about – one of, if not the first real skirmish of WW2.  At this location, about 48 Polish post men stood up to the Nazi invasion, only for a few hours, but far longer than anyone expected.  It has become a local legend.  The wall where they were all lined up before being executed was very sobering.

The sobering Post Office Wall

We picked ourselves up over a beer in a micro brewery on….you guessed it, Beer street.  Very nice.  But we were still feeling a bit down.  We decided to jump on the train and head to the beach.  That’s our go to place when we are sad.  We caught the local train to Sopot.  A typical beach resort but with pristine sands and pier.  It was cold…Wendy cracked many jokes about it being Baltic.  We laughed.  

The micro brewery (or as Wendy would say, Brwewewy)
The Pier

At the end of the pier was a lovely, warm cafe.  We had apple pie and cocktails and watched the world go by.  It was excellent.  The sun went down and we slowly wandered back along the pier and to the train station.  Things are so cheap here.  A coffee, two cocktails and two apple pies in an upmarket cafe was less than £15.  The train journey for the two of us return was about £2.  Incredible.

Apple Pie and Cocktails

We had decided that we were going to have our anniversary meal that night.  We had tried to get into a restaurant called Piwna47 for breakfast before our morning tour but it was closed.  We returned early evening and sat in the conservatory.

I had the most amazing cocktail and very, very nice meal.  Although in hindsight I still don’t like steak and should have ordered something else.  We laughed, missed the kids and reminisced.

Our Anniversary Meal

The weather was crisp and clear and allowed me to do one of my most favourite things on the walk back to the apartment – photograph lit up buildings.  Gdansk really pops at night.  It was stunning and a fitting end to a very grown up day.

The main street
The full shabang


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