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4 Days in Gdansk – Day 1

So Day 1 for me is always full of excitement and anticipation.  I’m always up early, full of energy and ready to get at it.  Wendy on the other hand…..

I got my wish and today we were out early.  On the streets before 9am (and they are 1 hour ahead).  Don’t worry, early starts get progressively later as the holiday wears on.

What did we do today?  In a nutshell, we did the main sightseeing sections of the Old Town, snacked at one of the top rated Tripadvisor restaurants and then travelled out of town to a shopping centre.  To be honest, it was my main tick list items all done in the space of 10 hours.  But we learned a lot more about Gdansk.

The morning was surreal.  We were the only people around.  I mean, the only people.  We have photos of us on the main street – Dluga.  Its like a ghost town.  There are restaraunts open, cafes, even a Costa and Subway, just no people.  Beautiful though.  The buildings reminded me of a cross between Bruges and Brussels.

The Main street, with no one to be found

We covered the main street, walked back down through Piwna (Beer street), skipped up the 409 steps of the Church for an amazing view, a few museums and then onto ‘Amber Fifth Avenue’ – Mariacka.  All beautiful however Mariacka had something different, unique about it – which we learned later on was probably due to its main features being untouched by war.

Features of Amber Fifth Avenue
Shopping for Amber

We stopped off at GoldWasser on the river front for nibbles.  Inside it was pure luxury, lined with wooden panels and plush decorations.  We ordered Cocktails, a cheese board and a dessert.

Feeling Regal in GoldWasser

Sadly the snow turned to rain, so we headed back to the apartment – still nobody else around.  For some reason, part of Anniversary holidays for me always seem to involve getting new clothes.  This was no different.  I needed shoes and an outdoor coat.  There were no shops where we had just been, so where did the locals go?  Google told us that there was a shopping centre about 5 miles away with over 300 shops.  A quick taxi journey and we were there.  It was excellent, but mainly due to the fact that it was packed with people.

This is where they all were.  As the trip went on, we learned that due to the extensive bombing during WW2, the old town was completely destroyed but life continued on in the suburbs.  Even though the centre was beautifully restored over the last 50 years or so, the main local life was still on the outskirts.

The shocking destruction of the town centre during WW2

We spent a healthy 4-5 hours shopping – do it once, do it right! Then returned to the apartment, happy in the knowledge that Gdansk was pretty, fun and full of life (you just had to know where to look)



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