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6 Days in London – Day 3

I like having things pre-booked, especially pre-paid.  But I don’t like being restricted to times.  This was one of those days.

We were going to do the National History Museum in the morning and then go shopping in and around Covent Garden in the afternoon.  I’m not a huge fan of Museums, but the ones in London are particularly good.  And free.

We had spotted a butterfly exhibition though that you could pay for and then walk around an enclosure with ‘live free range butterflies’ (if there is such a thing).  Great.  But we had to be there at opening time.  This meant an early start, tube ride and queue that no one else in the group wanted to do.

I knew that the kids would enjoy it though so everyone was happy.  We have done this sort of thing before but hoped it would be better / unique in some way.  It wasn’t.  But it was still very good and instagramable.

Then, we met up with the others and explored the NHM. Having already got tickets to the butterflies, we were fast tacked into the Museum.  That was good as the queue was already huge.  Its really impressive inside – dinosaurs, rocks, stuffed animals and all that.  We’ve been to the one in NYC so it wasn’t going to blow our socks off, but everyone loved it.

The Natural History Museum

Marcus bought a toy dinosaur and spent the rest of the day ‘roaring’.  Peppa Pig style.

Some in the group opted for the Victoria and Albert Museum across the road.  The mature ones.

We all then headed to Covent Garden.  I had searched out a restaurant for lunch – Thai.  It was amazing.  Its just a chain place and I’m sure it wont be everyone’s cup of tea, but for us it worked out perfectly.  And it introduced Wendy to Tamarind Sauce.

Splitting bills.  Someone should come up with a better way of doing this.  We paid on our card and everyone gave us cash.  Good in theory, but cash money just evaporates doesn’t it?!

Now for Covent Garden proper.  We could all split up here and explore on our own.  We wandered the shops, the street performers (which I always find underwhelming) and took in more of the atmosphere.  A quick call to each other and we met for coffee in this out of context Turkish cafe on Seven Dials called Souk Medina.  Its done out really plush like you are in a cafe in Turkey, dimmed lights, wood, all cushions are a shade of red.  Great music.  This area is one of Wendy’s favourite places.

From there we all split off.  Some went home, some stayed and we explored further.  Marcus was just about fed up now and wanted to ‘go home please’ so we didn’t want to push it.  A McD’s kept him sweet for about an hour whilst we went to Carnaby Street and spent time in a dreamlike shoe shop.  Wendy bought her ‘London’ shoes.  Gold trainers.

Irregular Choice

She put them straight on and off we went home.  She went through the whole range of emotions on that walk home.  Loved the shoes, embarrassed by the shoes, were they ok in the shop cause they were surrounded by even more crazy shoes, but now they were out in the open were just too bold for her?

I don’t get it.  I think they are great.



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