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6 Days in London – Day 2

Do you get that moment on a holiday where you want to relax, lie in and have a lazy morning but at the same time want to get up early and do as much as possible?  No?  Is that just me then?

On a group holiday everyone has their own clock.  For Day 2 we had lined up Greenwich, a boat trip back along the Thames and then sights around Big Ben and my ‘commuting office’ on 100 Parliament Street.  Not everyone wanted to do all those things, so this allowed the opportunity for us to be a bit more relaxed, or in my language, “without purpose” 😉

The tube ride to Greenwich was quite long – maybe even 45 minutes.  It took us over ground and through Canary Wharf which was interesting.  I was tempted to get off at the tube station where Star Wars Rebels was filmed but Marcus was enjoying the train far too much.  He loves trains.

For the tube journeys we just used our bank cards and tapped them on the barriers.  My Sister went to Kings Cross and bought a weeks pass that allowed for unlimited travel.  Overall, I think she paid slightly less for the week than we did, but it seemed a bit more of a faff on.

Tube stations with buggies are always a hassle.  Either accept you’ve got to wait in line for the lift, or carry the buggy up the stairs…lots of stairs.  Just do it! Think of the calories you’ll burn.

Greenwich was very interesting and covered a much larger space than I was expecting.  We wandered in and out of the museums, sat on the grass and visited the shops and cafes in the surrounding area.  There was a little indoor market which I loved.  You can’t miss it.  It had lots of small food stalls and tables selling ‘tatt’.  But good tatt – old star wars figures, crafts and hand made goods.

The local indoor market

We walked up the hill to the Greenwich observatory.  We didn’t go in – saving the ££, but just enjoyed the view.  It was really good.  The hill was steep at times with the buggy – definitely a work out day.  We watched the parrots flying about and then decided it was time to give the kids some fun on the park.  Back down the hill and into a massive kids play area.  Very good.  Very busy.

How do you get kids off play parks?  There must be some knack – comments at the bottom please.

We headed towards the Cutty Sark and then onto the river boat – using the same TFL tap and pay as the tube.  The boat was spacious, but just not quite big enough to get our large buggy down the aisles.  This was something that Marcus really enjoyed again.  Charlotte too.

A helter skelter near the Cutty Sark – kids loved it.  Awkward with Marcus!

We sailed past a lot of sights, under the Tower Bridge and then towards Westminster.  It was all very straight forward and something I would recommend.

We took in the sights of Big Ben whilst many in the group took in the local toilets.  Also, you have to visit the narrowest Tesco I have ever been too.  I stood on the corner trying to spot people I knew coming out of the Office – sad I know.  But there was something really smug about watching people at work when you are not.

Heads up – Big Ben

Then, we strolled up Parliament Street towards Trafalgar Square, bought Marcus’ favourite – McDonald’s and sat in the Square watching the world go by.  Time for the kids to run about and us to people watch.

People Watching in Trafalgar Square

Not a massively exciting day, but a trip to Greenwich was new for me and certainly something I enjoyed.  If you are visiting London longer than average and are interested in that type of history, the whole day was worth it.

Home, cocktails on the roof terrace.



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