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6 Days in London – Day 0, arrival

Since we were travelling by car to Shoreditch this post is going to be pretty short!

Most of the day was spent driving.  Straight forward enough.  Arrived 1 mile from the accommodation just as fans were streaming to a Football match, so that last section of the journey as very slow indeed.

Pulled up outside the house, parked no problem.  All done!

Let the battle commence.  The battle of the bedroom.  If you’ve ever been away as a group you’ll know that there is this awkward moment when everyone is silent as they survey each of the rooms in the accommodation.   Of course we are all selfless and give the pride of place to Mam and Dad.  But what about us siblings….

Added to the complication was the fact that my Brother and his wife were arriving later.  So did we have to be nice or leave the short straw.  Ha ha.  It all worked out.  Well we thought so anyway 😉

Its exciting unpacking and checking out all the cupboards, rooms, picking the best seat for the TV etc.  Its never too early in the day for a cocktail either.

I like to get my bearings and had a quick wander around outside.  Where is the nearest shop, take away, play park.

My Brother rang to say he had arrived at the tube station.  I was happy to head out and meet them to walk back to the accommodation.  Less than 5 minutes.

When my Brother enters the room, the party starts.  A quick check to see if he was happy with his room – he was.  Let the fun commence.



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